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We are still feeling the excitement of the wedding. So many of our family members and friends said it was one of the best ceremonies they had ever been to—that it was a such a joyful event. We feel so fortunate, Melissa, that YOU married us.
— Ken and Aliya Mack
Dear Rabbi Melissa,
Thank you so much for officiating at our interfaith wedding and working with us to create a thoughtful, personal and touching wedding ceremony. Your support in the weeks leading up to the wedding was much needed and greatly appreciated! Everyone in attendance though the ceremony was beautiful and it gave us a great start to the rest of our lives. With gratitude, love and respect
— Michael and Miriam Burstin

MAZEL TOV!  Congratulations.  You have found the love of your life and have decided to get married.  Perhaps you've already chosen the date and even started your invitation list. But wait, what about the ceremony and who will marry you?

Finding a rabbi can sometimes be more difficult than finding a caterer. And in someways it should be. You want to find that person who will listen to your needs, concerns and desires and help you create a ceremony that that is uniquely your own. And, like the rest of the wedding, it takes planning. Unlike the rest of the wedding planning, this is the no-stress, fun part.

As your wedding officiant and guide, I will take you through the process of creating a wedding ceremony that is joyful and meaningful. Whether you are both Jewish or one of you is of another faith, the goal is the same—to connect you to the depth of the Jewish  wedding ceremony and at the same time honor different cultures and religions— always seeking the commonalities. Your wedding may be very creative or very traditional but most of all it will be yours.

Before your wedding, I will spend three to four hours with you, learning about your relationship, your values, and your dreams. I will have come to know you both and will be able to share with your guests what marriage and commitment mean to you. Your wedding day will be a unique reflection of your relationship and commitment to each other.

I invite you to call me at 617-821-1104 or email me at