Baby naming at infancy

Baby naming at infancy


"Dear Rabbi Melissa
We are so thankful that you made Bella's naming so special. It was perfect. Our family continues to rave about you and shared that they have never experienced such a special naming ceremony. You have a special way of bringing everyone together while creating a relaxed, intimate, and positive environment. Bella responded so well to the space you created. There are not many six week old infants that are able to sit through and be passed around all day without making a peep. I think she felt safe and loved due to the space and energy that you created around her.  We are so thankful and feel so honored that you were able to officiate our special ceremony.

                                              ___ Bonnie and Adam"

The Naming Ceremony
What's in a name? A lot!  Think about how much time and fun you had before your little one arrive searching for the perfect name. You considered how that name would fit this child and how he or she would wear it. And now you are thinking about how to connect your child to her/his Jewish heritage. And, if you are an interfaith family you are considering how to bring both your traditions into this welcoming ceremony. 

Baby-Naming ceremonies are joyous events. They offer the opportunity to bring together family and friends to celebrate the birth of the new child; they enable parents to officially give the baby his or her hebrew name, and to speak about the meaning of that name; they give everyone the chance to offer wishes, hopes, and blessings for the baby's life. 

I will meet with you in person or by SKPYE and  talk with you about what you want out of your ceremony and craft a ritual that fits you and your family. 

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